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Art Promoting Nonprofit Begins Apparel Line

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Fashion Spread 4

  Art Amiss Inc. is the local non-profit that has been a part of Fayetteville for almost 10 years, working to provide opportunities for artists living in Northwest Arkansas through project grants. Past projects of supported artists have included holding CD release parties, creating music compilations, designing for NWA Fashion Week, The Las Photos project,…

Princess Series Highlights Lives Of Slave Women

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Princess Series

Fourteen Generations Of Women Guard And Preserve Ancient Culture By Barbara Frank Three novels about the women of one slave family begin with a kidnapping in Africa in the early 18th century. The books offer a window into slave religion in three different time periods, and bear witness to the power of blood ties to…

Water Independence: Catchment Systems

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Making Ripples

By Amanda Bancroft Water catchment, or rainwater harvesting, is not just for the vegetables. It’s also for drinking, cooking, cleaning, watering farm animals and even preventing urinary tract infections in our pets! When I first discovered rain barrels, I didn’t realize that the broader concept of water catchment went far beyond irrigating the garden. And…

When Bald Things Happen To Good People

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Amy Alkon
Advice Godess

“Shaving your head … projects confidence, suggesting that you’re comfortable enough with your face and yourself to put them out there unadorned.” By Amy Alkon I’m a decent-looking guy with unfortunate hair. It’s thinning rapidly and receding to the back of my skull, and topical treatments barely made a difference. I’m now thinking of shaving…

Hey, Hey Paula

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TFW RachelPortrait.jpg

By Rachel Birdsell Oh, Paula Deen. Bless your buttery little heart. You are getting dropped faster than a hot, flaky biscuit. The Food Network doesn’t want you, nor does Wal-Mart, Caesars or Smithfield Foods. I guess that’s what happens when you say racist things, and then try to turn it around and claim that you’re…

Let Isolation Be the Rule – Cancer New Moon

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  Esoteric Astrology as news for week July 4-10, 2013 Thursday is the 237th birthday of the United States formed (Declaration of Independence) under the liberating sign of Cancer (Ray 2 of Divine Intelligence, equalized economics, intelligent thinking humanity). The United States continues to experience economic changes and transformation in the coming months. The astrology…

Supreme Court Justices Rule In Favor Of Equality, “Decency”

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Staff Report Celebrations are taking place around the country in response to the historic Supreme Court decision made June 26, striking down the Defense of Marriage Act and marking it unconstitutional to deny marriage to same-sex couples. What’s being mostly discussed is the language used by Supreme Court justices which strongly supports the arguments made…