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Fayetteville Supports Carbon Fee And Dividend

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Future Legislation Could Curb Impact Of Global Warming On The People By Terrah Baker When climate change begins to take affect, it will be the citizens who feel the hardships, according to scientists. They often don’t specifically mention this, but they don’t have to when they talk about the looming droughts, unpredictable super-storms, and high…

The Jaws Of Ex-Wife

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Amy Alkon
Advice Godess

“As I explain with some frequency, women evolved to be the harder-to-get sex because having sex meant they could end up a single mother dragging a kid around the Sahara. Men co-evolved to expect women to be choosier and to suspect that something’s wrong with a woman when she’s doing the chasing.” By Amy Alkon…

Three Summer DIY’s

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By Tanya Giraldo As summer rolls around, whether one is bored or saving money for vacation, Pinterest and other do-it-yourself social phenomenon can become an obsession. Everyone starts filling up their DIY board to find cheap ways to get ready for summer, but no need to turn on your computer right now because here are…