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All About Leo

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  Esoteric Astrology as news for week July 25-31, 2013 We are under the influence of fiery Leo now, sign of individuality (at first), of focusing upon our self-identity, lifetime after lifetime. Leo is self-centering work. This is the developmental stage of the Leo individual building a sense of self (the personality). We (Leo) grow…

Gown Takes Town

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“The Hill skyrocketed from 16,035 total students to nearly 24,000…that’s a growth rate of 70 percent” “Parking decks, built for the convenience of students who commute have begun dominating the skyline as much as architectural gems like The Blair Library, Old Main, or Hillcrest Towers (if you’re into that) do.” U of A Expansion Makes…

The Treasure Of Pleasant Memories

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By Robert Laurence “It is never possible,” writes Fayetteville’s Oda Mulloy in the introduction to her just-published memoir, “it is never possible to close out the past.” Far from closing it out, that memoir, “I Grew Up in a Castle” (Will Hall Books, 2012), opens the past up for author and reader alike, a past…

Summer Comfort Reads

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While summer is known for lazy days and beach vacations, those of us grounded in reality are aware that before and after umbrella drinks and noon wake-up calls are often intensified workloads and overdue library books (just kidding, ask for a vacation checkout!). Potentially utter chaos. Having accepted this, you’ll want to select the perfect…

The Bad Boys Of American Food

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The original list of toxic ingredients found in American foods, and often banned in other countries, can be found in Dr. Jayson Calton and certified nutritionist Mira Calton’s book, Rich Food, Poor Food. It shines a whole new light on what consumers are, well, consuming. For more information on the Calton’s book, visit their website…

That’s Backwards

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“While it pains me to tell you of all the horrible things that will happen when Mercury is in bitch mode, I feel it’s my duty. You might want to sit down for this…” By Rachel Birdsell Has your life been going to hell in the past few weeks? If so, it’s all Mercury’s fault….