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Damn Arkansan Releases New Album With Same Old Flair

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Staff Report The members of Damn Arkansan aren’t just creative musicians, combining new-age eccentricities with old-school country tones. They also have a sense of humor. With a new album coming out including some great songs with original lyrics that draw you into the sound and keep your interest peeked, they’re showing it all off. We…

Farm Owner Offers Fellow Veterans Opportunity To Heal, Earn Living Wage

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ACF Cover

  “One of the things we’ve seen is [Veterans Affairs] absolutely can not handle the needs of veterans and guys coming back….but the guys coming back now have an opportunity to be healed and not let this war define them.” — Terrell “Spence” Spencer, owner of Across the Creek Farm in West Fork and U.S….

Why EcoVillages?

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Making Ripples

By Amanda Bancroft Anyone can live in an eco village, except Elvis Presley (despite what witnesses may say). But that doesn’t mean everyone wants to. There are benefits and drawbacks to living in an eco village, and it’s good to see both the pros and cons before making a life-altering decision. Depending on the community,…

Celebrate The Senses In Eureka Springs

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Staff Report Fleur Delicious Weekend is a Celebration of all the senses: sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch in the historic village of Eureka Springs. It is a French-themed weekend in which restaurants, bars, art galleries, boutiques, spas, and music venues participate with French inspired indulgences in food, wine, spirits, art, entertainment and luxe galore….

Smoky Joe

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“We who are of the non-smoking variety don’t want your smoke on us. You know why? Because it stinks, which in turn means, you stink.” By Rachel Birdsell The Giant Coffee Cyborg known as Starbucks, has been under fire lately, namely because they are of the devil and they hate smokers. Not the kind of…

Eureka Springs: Celebrate The Scenery

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Eureka Spring’s Music Scene Brings It Home  By Caleb Hennington Nestled in the heart of the Ozark Mountains, Eureka Springs is a popular tourist destination for many visiting Northwest Arkansas. Known for its Victorian-style buildings and natural beauty from the surrounding mountains and wildlife, Eureka Springs has even been dubbed “The Little Switzerland of America.”…

Flag Day, Father’s Day, Chiron Retrograde

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Esoteric Astrology as news for week June 13-19, 2013 Another week of complex planetary energies falling to Earth. Mars interacts with Pluto (inconjunct), Uranus (sextile) and Chiron (square, challenge, ouch!). We won’t know how to compromise, we’ll want to be friends but our hurts will challenge that desire. Friday is Flag Day. Early morning Sunday,…

Big Bad Gina Tributes Women’s Music, Community and Earth

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Big Bad Gina

Album Release Party: Saturday, July 13 Teatro Scarpino Doors at 7:30 p.m., show at 8 p.m. Staff Report Big Bad Gina is one of those bands that makes a statement with their talent, originality and presence. They’ve been touring the country after winning national recognition for their musical performances, playing with well-known artists like the…