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Fashion On Safari

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By Emily Smith Interested in trying an updated Girl Scout meets Benetton look? How about a no-holds-barred Tigress of the Outback ensemble? Achieving safari style is easy to do when starting with a khaki/olive base and piling on the ethnic/tribal/outback-approved accessories. As seen Here: A simple, cotton, olive frock hemmed short and the edges left…

Midtown Music Showcase Looking for Bands

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Local businesses in Midtown Fayetteville are holding a music festival in August 2013 Staff Report Midtown Music Showcase is a festival held in the Evelyn Hills Shopping Center in Midtown Fayetteville. The festival happened last year as Evelyn cHills Fest, and has since been renamed and revamped to include featuring local musicians who will play…

The Rime Of The Non-Traditionalist

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By Robert Laurence Sometimes Michael Heffernan rhymes: “the idiot” (2013) – night with fright – next with unperplexed. And has for a long time: “Lines from the Interior” (1988) – numbers with slumbers – motivated with exasperated. (And later in this poem, he impishly rhymes rime, as in frost, with rhyme, as in poetry.) But…

An Invisible Summer

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By Rachel BirdsellLast year in celebration of summer, I wrote a list of things we could do to recapture our childhood. This year, I’m thinking about childhood again because, to me, you can’t have summer without being a kid – at least a kid at heart. If you’re going to suffer through your summer without…

Coitus Frustratus

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“…To be fair, there is some movement during karezza, just not enough that anybody participating would get anywhere near Orgasmageddon.” By Amy Alkon My boyfriend is a very spiritual person who practices yoga, meditation, etc. He showed me a website about karezza, which basically involves deriving sexual pleasure through long, drawn-out, non-vigorous physical contact without…