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NWAFW/Artamiss 2013 sneak peek (Apollo and Daphne, hobo bride segmentSCHEDULE OF EVENTS

Designer Runway
7 p.m.
• Esque + Solestruck
• Kata Mari
• Material Concepts
• SOUL Yoga Lounge
8 p.m.
UA Student Designers
• Allsa May
• Caroline Delay
• Tiara Hudson
• Anna Taylor
• Lindsey Gallagher
9 p.m.
• ArtAmiss
• Black Cherry Vintage/Leea Lee designs
• Good Things Boutique/Jessy Lang designs
• Bouffants and Beehives
• Mayapple/“Smells Like Trend Spirit”
• Himalayan Mountain Shop/Lama Tihnley designs
• Joelle Storette
• Phantasm by Tootlepip
• Badd Jaxx
• Mayapple/“Apollo” Daphne/Hobo bride
9:30 p.m.
• FIX Ultra Lounge
• Official After Party sponsored by Mercedes-Benz of Northwest Arkansas
• DJ Lineup: Freestylers with Spiff and Sterling
• Resident DJ’s: Shortfaze + EQ
Boutique Runway
7 p.m.
• Lola – Mae’s
• The Independent
• Maude
8 p.m.
• Savoir Faire
• Mertins Eye Care + Optical
• Bimini Butterfly
• Enrich Salon + Boutique
9 p.m.
• Vintage Voilet
• She Said Yes bridal
9:30 p.m.
• FIX Ultra Lounge
• Official After Party sponsored by Mercedes-Benz of Northwest Arkansas
• DJ Lineup: Jen Lasher with Sierra + Supernovae
• Resident DJ’s: Shortfaze + EQ
NWAFW Kids Day
11 a.m.
• Tutu Couture
• Terra tots
12:30 p.m.
• Animal Adoption event + ice cream truck
Boutique Runway
7 p.m.
• Belle
• Elysian + Southern Vintage
• Masons
• A Reflection of Brawn + Beauty
8 p.m.
• Turks Trunks by Britts & Turks
• Skye on the Town
• Plato’s Closet
• Ruelle Designs
9 p.m.
• Rock City Kicks
9:30 p.m.
• FIX Ultra Lounge, Official After Party
• DJ Lineup: Chuck Love with Mary Jane-Randy
• Resident DJ’s: Shortfaze + EQ
Benefiting Nonprofit Organizations:
• Single Parent Scholarship Fund of NWA
• Restore Humanity
• Ozark Guidance
• Northwest Arkansas Children’s Shelter
• Junior League of NWA
• The Miller McNeil Woodruff Foundation
• ArtAmiss
• American Cancer Society of NWA
•  7 Hills Homeless Center
• Spay Arkansas

Fashion 9

Photo By Terrah Baker
Body art by Joelle Storet, Modeled by Berkley Greene


Artist Appreciation Night Displays Local Styles

What is a fashion show without fashion? And how does fashion come about without innovative artists, fashion designers, buyers, sellers and everyone in between expressing their personalities through clothing? Simple answer: It doesn’t! Especially at the 2013 Fashion Week where local designers and boutiques are offered a platform for some serious publicity. For one night, March 11, the organizers and Melissa Arens of ArtAmiss and Mayapple Salon and Boutique transformed Arsaga’s at The Depot for a special event in honor of those important players, and what a night it was! See these designs and more at this year’s Fashion Week running through Saturday.

More Photos By Terrah Baker of Artist Appreciation Night can be found at our Flickr account: Free Weekly Flickr


Berkley Greene March 16, 2013 at 9:52 am

This is Joelle’s art, Himalayan mountain shop was modeled by a totally different girl. I’m the girl in the photo, and I got my clothes in Tahiti and this is Joelle storet’s artwork.

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Terrah Baker March 16, 2013 at 11:15 pm

Berkly, thanks for the information. There must have been some confusion. Were you not standing in front of a card hung on the red curtain that said Himalayan Mountain Shop? I assumed what you stood in front of represented what boutique/designer you were showcasing. Thanks again for the clarification.

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Melissa Arens March 17, 2013 at 4:36 pm

I’m glad you guys got that settled, thanks Berkley and Joelle. There were a few misprints in other areas to Terrah. Maybe lets connect on details before print next time. I know things happen sometimes, i appreciate and respect EVERYONE’S hard work.

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Michael Swain March 21, 2013 at 12:59 pm

The cover online was “worked out” but the actual article’s misprinting remain all over town. The damage has already been done. Instead try to be more informed on the people involved in the project rather than focusing on someone who “seemed so busy”. Each Boutique and Designer were all in this together and well informed. I am sure someone would have willingly spoken on behalf of Mrs. Arens while she made tremendous efforts putting this event together. Many people were affected and i do hope a lesson was learned.

M.B. Swain

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