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Lenten Rituals In Mercury Retrograde

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Esoteric Astrology as news for week February 21-27, 2013 Saturday Mercury turns stationary retrograde (20 degrees Pisces). Mercury remains retrograde until March 17. Sunday is the festival of Purim (deliverance of the Jewish people from destruction). Monday is the Pisces solar festival (full moon) and the Lantern Festival, signifying the end of Chinese New Year….

BonnerBell Brings New View On Shop Local

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“He wants people to realize the importance of buying locally because he believes knowing what you wear, and where it came from is just as important as being conscious of eating organically.” By Claire Ala A vast collection of Vogue magazines and fashion books line several shelves in Wayne Bonner-Bell’s Fayetteville office. Bonner-Bell, a local…

Ex Benedict

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Curious Crow

By Rachel Birdsell Glory hallelujah, praise be and a multitude of other worshipful interjections! We’ve had a miracle. According to some people, who I’m sure are experts in their fields, it happened the other day when God struck St. Peter’s Basilica with lightning the exact same day that Pope Benedict decided to renounce his Popeablilty….

Journey To The World Of ‘Eve of the Ozarks’

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“Eve takes place during the 1820s in Newton County — a place uninhabitable to most civilized people. The Osage population had already been run out, and only the occasional French fur trapper wandered through. It’s a place where folklore is real; at least in the eyes of an 8-year-old adventurer…” By Terrah Baker When I…

Dig In! To Local Food Festival

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Arizona, Urban Farmer Shares Water Catchment Secrets Staff Report Dig In! Food and Farming Festival returns to celebrate local food, farms and gardens with films, classes, an information and vendor fair, seed-swap, tastings and more. The now annual festival is organized as a grassroots community event to encourage, inspire, involve and educate people about local…