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Child Migration Revisited in “Orphan Train”

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Writer Allison Moore  02/'2006 © 2006 Allison Moore Russell Cothren

Staff Report One of the largest child migrations — more than 250,000 children between 1854 and 1929 — happened right here in the United States. Children boarded trains in New York City and were, literally, given away at train stations across the country. Alison Moore’s fourth novel “Riders on the Orphan Train” chronicles the experience…

Hear Me Roar

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“It bothers me that the author takes it upon herself to criticize feminism but obviously doesn’t know much about it if she thinks that feminists didn’t pop up until the 1970s.” By Rachel Birdsell Author, Suzanne Venker, recently wrote an article for titled The War on Men. In the article, she writes that a…

Hope During Labor Class Injustice in Billy Elliott

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Billy Elliott Index

Staff Report Billy Elliot the Musical plays out amid the turmoil of the 1984 coal miners’ strike in Northern England, one of the darkest times in modern British history. As young Billy studies ballet, the mining town where he lives experiences relentless hardship and despair. Director Stephen Daldry, book writer and lyricist Lee Hall, composer…

Ska and Charity Make For Funky Holiday Sound

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Ska Alliance

By Terrah Baker When 18 local and professionally-trained musicians come together under the Fayetteville Ska Alliance for one holiday album, the result is fun, festive and one well-orchestrated musical production. The album makes remaking classics like “Jingle Bells” into something worth listening to after years of overplay look easy. Until you talk to Chris Harriman,…

Making Ripples

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Party In My Pants reusable cotton pads.

Periods for the Planet: Alternative Menstrual Products “Eventually, I discovered there were plenty of milk options that wouldn’t lead to ovarian cancer and bowel issues, including milk made from soy, almonds, rice, and hemp. There is no scarcity of options when it comes to menstrual products, too, but no one told me this until college.”…