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Stare Way to Heaven

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Amy Alkon

A guy wrote you about a girl he sees at a coffee shop — a girl he suspects is out of his league. You said the way to know for sure is by asking her out. Bad Advice Goddess! This suggests that he should regard all women with whatever she’s got — like if she’s “too beautiful” — as out of his league. That just isn’t right. There’s probably a “too beautiful” woman out there who’d go for him.

— Irked

A Full Moon and Farewell to a Fierce Poet

By Risa D'Angeles |

Good Friday is also the Full moon, solar festival of Aries (all things new). The Light of Aries is the Light of Life Itself summoning the Spirit of Restoration to “Restore the Plan on Earth.” The New Group of World Servers, reciting the Great Invocation, calls humanity to identify as World Disciple, World Server and World Savior with an invitation to join the NGWS to help “Restore the Plan on Earth.” This is humanity’s “Call to Resurrection.”