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My President

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 By Rachel Birdsell I was taken to task by a reader over the last column I’d written about Mitt Romney. She let me know that it was trash and that I should have written about why I was going to vote for President Obama instead. I don’t think that who I vote for is necessarily…

Fundraiser To Make ‘Sustainable’ Accessible

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By Terrah Baker Karen Stewart worked in the profit industry for most of her career. Until she decided that making sustainable building practices commonplace  and accessible was her professional calling. Following earning her degree as an electrical engineer, places like Tyson Foods, Inc., Emerson Electric and Dayco Products allowed her to use her skills as…

Citizens of the U.S.: VOTE!

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“The vote is the most powerful instrument ever devised by man for breaking down injustice and destroying the terrible walls which imprison [the people] because they are different from other [people].” — Lyndon B. Johnson By Terrah Baker I’m experiencing a voting conundrum. I think many other people are, too. U.S. citizens everywhere are scrapping…

‘Deliverance’ Meets Music For Folk Fun

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For the last 65 years the citizens of Eureka Springs have celebrated their cultural history with music, dance and crafts. If you have grown up in Eureka springs for the last 70 years you were a hedgehopper in third grade and square danced on the stage of the auditorium. Eureka Springs’ 2012 Original Ozark Folk Festival will feature the legendary Ronny Cox., who first made his mark in American culture when he played “Dueling Banjos” on his guitar in the movie “Deliverance,” and the role of ill fated Drew.

Urban and Eco-Friendly Styles For November

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We have great options and a wide variety of boutiques to choose from in Fayetteville, from natural earthy wear with a classy feel, available at Good Things Boutique, to urban style with a little edge, available at Something Urban, all affordable and fabulous! Photography By Bob Cochran Styling for Something Urban: Amy White, Melissa Arens…