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Jupiter in Gemini Retrograde

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Esoteric Astrology as news for week October 4 – 10, 201212 Thursday, St. Francis of Assisi feast day, Jupiter (the planet at the heart of the Aquarian Age) turns stationary retrograde (16.23 degrees Gemini). Jupiter signifies good fortune, faith, abundance, expansion, luck, optimism, speculation and seeing life philosophically. When Jupiter retrogrades these usually externalized energies…

The Gene Pool Is Murky

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By Rachel Birdsell For those of you unfamiliar with the Darwin Awards, they’re bestowed posthumously to those who have died in spectacularly stupid ways.  Unfortunately, we are narrowing down the pool of contestants for the Darwin Awards and in doing so are increasing the population of stupid people. We’re doing this by taking away people’s…

Movies In The Obscure

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By Claire Ala Imagine being sentenced to 13 years in prison for a murder you didn’t commit. In Chan-Wook Park’s Lady Vengeance, the final installment of the Vengeance Trilogy, I was disappointed when watching Lee Geum-Ja’s 13-year imprisonment and plan against the man who framed her. I wasn’t impressed with Lady Vengeance because the story…

23 Years of Little Oprey

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Little O Oprey in West Fork.

Staff Report A unique brand of music has been taking place every Saturday night for over 20 years at The Little O’ Oprey, where musicians and music fans have enjoyed a family-friendly musical environment of country gospel, bluegrass and ’50s style Rock ‘N Roll. The Oprey will celebrate its 23rd anniversary on Oct. 13, with…