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Manure and Wife

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Amy Alkon

My fiancee insists on having our wedding at “THE most magical place to get married,” this beautiful lake resort. Her family’s well-off, but having it there creates a financial hardship for my relatives and our friends, who are working crappy jobs in a terrible economy. Our guests mostly live in our hometown, and the lake…

Making It

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“You can’t do guerilla gardening in broad daylight or you’ll get spotted,” says Zelda as she throws a pair of work gloves over a shrub. She and her friend, Esther, are ditching the school dance to have an adventure — one that ultimately falls short of Zelda’s expectations. Fayetteville local Mary Kate Wiles plays Zelda,…

Mercury Stationary Direct

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Sunday is Palm Sunday. Fresh palms lined the streets in Jerusalem when Jesus, the Christ, passed through. As the people recognized He was the Pisces World Teacher, He realized this was the Path toward His betrayal, death and Crucifixion (an Initiation we all take) at the end of the week. Appropriately the moon’s in Leo (leader) and Mercury’s in Pisces (sacrifice to save the world).

The Greatest Celebration of Earth

By Blair Jackson |
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Earth Day was established in 1970, and now Fayetteville is a part of that history. The city currently hosts the longest continuous Earth Day festival in the nation. In 2011, the city hosted more than 50 events in 14 days. This year, the event is scheduled to last for 40 days, during which 70 events will be held to promote local sustainability.

Curious Crow

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While people are fighting to have same sex marriage legalized in every state, there is a really crazy marriage law that is still in effect in half of the country that no one is trying to get repealed. That’s the law that allows first cousins to marry. Nineteen states allow it outright, and six allow it with conditions on age and the ability to reproduce.