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Apple in the News 1) As a fruit of their labor (or perhaps foreign labor), the company reached the $500 billion milestone a week ago. Though it was already the most profitable company in the world, the $500 billion milestone is one that only five other companies have reached, and that none have sustained. 2)…

From the Ivory Tower

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Crossing the Line — Israel is getting hot and bothered for a war, which was made apparent during Prime Minister Netanyahu’s speech to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee on Monday where Netanyahu was quoted as saying, “None of us can afford to wait much longer.” The Obama administration is currently putting diplomatic pressure on…

Your Roots are Showing

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  The Roots Festival lineup is scheduled to be revealed during a kick-off party at the Greenhouse Grille on March 18. Tickets are on sale for $15. The party will feature great music from 3 Penny Acre, Lakeside Drive and Joy Kills Sorrow.   3 Penny Acre is a musical collaboration between three up-and-coming songwriters:…