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Forward Thinking

By Rachel Birdsell As I sit here the day after the election, I am so proud of the direction our country has taken. It seems as though we are finally

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Women Accepted As Church Leaders

“The long struggle for women’s ordination as priests in the American Episcopal Church began in the mid-1850s and lasted almost 125 years. It ended on Sept. 16, 1976 in Minneapolis,

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House of Blurbs

The national animal protection organization Mercy For Animals ratcheted up its campaign against the world’s largest retailer two weeks ago, as the group unveiled a feast for Walmart President and

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Labeling Suicide As Selfish: Think About It

By Anonymous Contributor This past week, after I’d left to go baby-sit my grandson, I got a call from my partner at home saying that he had heard a woman

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The Way Of The Nailgun

My boyfriend of four years is a wonderful man who makes me incredibly happy. He was there for me throughout my breast cancer, making me feel sexy, beautiful and loved.

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How Big Business Wants to Shrink the Electorate

By Zach Hagadone Association of Alternative News Media Astonishing. Remarkable. Sinister. Those are words that come up again and again when confronting the wave of voter identification laws that has


Study Analyzes Arts’ Impact

By Joel Walsh Arts and cultural organizations bring more than live music, gallery openings and theatrical performances to Northwest Arkansas. They also provide hundreds of jobs and generate millions of

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Three Lights Meet, Blend, Rise Up

Esoteric Astrology as news for week November 8-14, 2012 Readers, please read my website and FB page. As I write this column (a week ahead) I do not know the

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The Call Of Doodie

“Yeah, I know, according to The Beatles, “love is all you need,” but they forgot the small print: This is only true of people who are not suffering from sleep

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NWA Yogis Help Our Minds, Bodies and Spirits

By Terrah Baker Yoga began as a philosophy. What it is today seems to be indefinable, even to the yogis of Northwest Arkansas who practice it daily. “Yoga is not