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Sour Grapes Of Wrath

By Rachel Birdsell I have never in my life seen the amount of butt-hurt over an election as I’ve seen with this one. Stomping their feet wasn’t enough for some

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Turpentine Creek Announces Largest Big Cat Rescue

Staff Report Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge is currently in the midst of their largest rescue effort in their 20-year history. The refuge, located 7 miles south of Eureka Springs, has


Remembering ‘Mighty’ Jeff Carey

“Jeff’s love for blues was obvious. Although he could play and sing in any genre, he always went back to the blues. ‘Shelia, I’m just an old blues man,’ he


Climbing the Recycling Mountain

By Terrah Baker Roughly 50 percent of Fayetteville residents recycle. Still, over 13,500 tons of trash goes to the landfill each year — enough to cover Razorback Stadium seven stories


Surprisingly fun 'Lincoln' Humanizes Honest Abe

By Christopher Lawrence Tell audiences they’re about to see a 149-minute drama about the struggle to finesse the 13th Amendment through the House of Representatives, and all but the heartiest


‘No Direction’ But Up For The Wedding

The Wedding arranged a last-second rock n’ roll show at the NWA Mall’s Showcase theater Nov. 9 to bare their new album “No Direction,” in the midst of their “American Rebel” tour with Children 18:3 from Minnesota.

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The Marijuana Movement

By Claire Ala It’s pretty ironic the natural state failed to jump on the marijuana bandwagon. A medical marijuana victory was not celebrated due to the 51.4 percent of Arkansas

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Holiday Events Bucket List

By Stephanie Conway We haven’t even defrosted the turkey yet and the holiday calendar is already booking up! Here are some fun things to do to kick off the holiday


Making Ripples

“Each year, an estimated 500 billion to 1 trillion plastic bags are consumed worldwide. That’s over one million plastic bags used per minute.” — <> Phase Out Plastic Bags with


Movies In The Obscure

Fayetteville History Alive ‘Among The Hills’ “It is a fallacious notion that a newspaper should or could be an isolated affair. Its life-blood should flow in the veins of the