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Jobless rates: Better? Worse? Depends on who you ask

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Staff Report If you had hoped the political spinning of economic news and business behavior would end after this month’s votes were counted, you may want to think again. The federal jobless rate ticked up in October, to 7.9 percent. The U.S. Department of Labor reported Thursday that in the week ending Nov. 10, seasonally…

Grass Roots Organizers Unite

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Truths From Terrah

By Terrah Baker When I first heard of the Arkansas Citizens First Congress I was taken aback with … relief. An organization that solves that age-old problem of bringing like-minded grassroots organizations together to actually make a difference? No way! But it is true. The ACFC takes the issues that matter to their grassroots-member organizations…

The Harmonizers

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Esoteric Astrology as news for week November 21-28, 2012 The Sun is in Sagittarius, sign of good food, journeys, justice and jurisprudence (study of law). Thursday is Thanksgiving, a day of Gratitude. The day is void-of-course (moon making no connections with planets, therefore we have difficulty making connections and creating comfort). This can be complicated…

Inspiring Children To Write

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Staff Report The acclaimed and award winning performance poet, and Fayetteville resident, Clayton Scott, travels throughout Arkansas using poetry to teach creative writing and presentation skills in a weeklong residency for schools. After ranking in the top 10 percent of slam poets in the world in 2002, Scott was asked by Marc Smith, the innovator…

Keller Williams Brings Funky to Fayetteville

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By Mason Carr The loopy and funkadelic grooves of the one-pretty-damn-talented-man jam band, Keller Williams, will be shaking the hineys of Fayetteville’s freaky Nov. 29 at George’s Majestic Lounge on Dickson Street. Williams has had a kaleidoscopic touring year, from playing with Larry Keel, gruff-voiced guitar guru and Americana eccentric, and Keel’s wife, Jenny, to…

‘Can America Be Saved From Stupid People’: A Review

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By Chad Pollock “Can America Be Saved from Stupid People” is a collection of Dave Duffy’s opinion columns for Backwoods Home Magazine, a publication he founded in 1989. The magazine is like Mother Earth News for libertarians and is a strong advocate of pragmatic ideas for how to live a self-sustaining life. I admire this…