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Movies In The Obscure

By Blake Wilkins I recently revisited Charlie Kaufman’s directorial debut “Synedoche, New York” (2008). Kaufman is the mastermind screenwriter behind such works as “Being John Malkovich,” “Adaptation,” and the brilliant


Caravanserai: A Place Where Cultures Meet

Staff Report A Caravanserai was once a place in Southern Asia and Northern Africa where knowledge and understanding of cultures spread. They were a type of inn that provided lodging


Solar Power: Still Emerging?

By Mikel C. Lolley The Earth is an isolated system, and like a battery, the Earth has been storing the sun’s solar energy for 4.5 billion years. Stored as heat,

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Get Outdoors In The Ozarks

By Terrah Baker Let’s face it — we would need ten magazines just on the places to go and enjoy in the Ozarks. With abundant resources, rich history and breathtaking

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Community Stories on Gender Equality

“I think there’s this need to see that the gender roles created in our society don’t necessarily match up with what works for us.” — Andrea Love “Even if you’re


An Evening of Flash Fiction

Staff Report “Nothing squeezes an idea like boundaries,” says Tom Wilkerson, one of nine writers whose work will be featured Oct. 13 at 7 p.m. in An Evening of Flash


The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of HARVEST FEST!

By Anna VanHorn Set in the immaculate Ozark Mountains, the Yonder Mountain String Band’s Harvest Festival is an event like no other. Sure, it’s a music and camping festival, and


Avett at the AMP

The Avett Brothers are a hard-working band that tours almost continuously, splitting their time between huge arenas, small theatres and mid-sized venues.

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Mitt For Brains

Dear Mitt, I didn’t think I’d have to write to you again, but you have really gone downhill quickly since the first time I wrote. Your trip to gather funds


Nude Models of NWA

Staff Report Every Tuesday night, the main gallery of the Fayetteville Underground’s new location on Mountain Street on the square fills with a group of artists, and one nude model.