Don’t Forget The Others

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By Claire Ala

Feeling overwhelmed by the Obama or Romney campaigns? The media has focused the presidential election on either a Democratic or Republican candidate.
However, Obama and Romney aren’t the only candidates in the running and on the ballot. It’s important to be informed about the third-party candidates running for the presidency.
There are other options out there, and here are a couple politicians who are worth checking out.
The following candidates are for the Libertarian and Green parties, and included are their stances on a couple issues that were discussed in the first presidential debate (economy and health care).

The Libertarian Party
Gary Johnson, former Republican governor of New Mexico, is the face for the Libertarian Party. Johnson’s specific stances on issues are noted below.


Johnson hits three points in his plan for economic improvements:
1. Cut spending.
2. Cut taxes.
3. Reduce federal involvement in the economy.

He wants to reform the rules for programs like Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security, which he feels “threaten to bankrupt the nation’s future.” He also wants to focus on decreasing defense spending and military involvement (in Iraq and Afghanistan). On cutting taxes, Johnson would like to get rid of the IRS completely. He plans to develop the Fair Tax system to focus on taxing expenditures instead of income. Reducing federal involvement in the economy includes rejecting auto and banking bailouts, as well as legalizing marijuana.

Health Care

Johnson wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act. He believes that government-run health care will be unsuccessful. He thinks less governmental regulation on health care will make it more affordable and applicable to Americans. He also wants to change the Medicare and Medicaid programs, to include wanting to block grant Medicare and Medicaid funds to the states, allowing them to innovate and find efficiencies in order to provide better service at lower cost.

Find out more concerning local support at and for a more detailed platform check out

The Green Party

Jill Stein, a doctor, author and activist, is the Green Party candidate. She has created an environment-friendly, sustainable program that she hopes will help the United States climb out of crisis.


Stein’s Green New Deal is described in four parts and explains how securing a greener future will help the United States tremendously such as creating 25 million jobs which are nationally funded on top of implementing affordable housing. Secondly, Stein’s plan includes sustainable living which converts the old economy into a new, eco-friendly structure that focuses on important issues such as researching alternative fuels to eliminate pollution. Stein’s third part is a list of financial reforms where she plans to relieve the “debt overhang holding back the economy by reducing homeowner and student debt burdens,” break oversized banks that are “too big to fail,” end taxpayer funded bailouts, etc. Stein finalizes her plan by addressing corporate power and voting rights such as making clear that the country shouldn’t be run by the wealthy and enacting a Voter’s Bill of Rights.

Health Care

Stein plans to give every American “complete, affordable, quality health care” through a revised, universal Medicare system. Her health care plan covers allowing opportunity to receive full access to contraceptive/reproductive care like the morning after pill. She also wants to eliminate pricey prescription drugs and have products provide more information on labeling requirements.
Find out more on how to get involved in Arkansas at or read Stein’s detailed platform/Green New Deal at

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