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Occupy Revisited — One Year Later

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“I see this movement as a movement of movements…I think it’s really about grassroots democracy. I think it’s about people trying to create ways of expressing themselves politically because they feel that the electoral channels are closed to them.” — Professor Heather Gautney, Fordham University (via CNN) By Terrah Baker Searching through the Occupy NWA…

I Got Spew, Babe

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****Drop Quote: “The notion that it’s morally bankrupt to refrain from chasing a man is an idea out of some future gender-neutral utopia where everyone wears “Star Trek” uniforms, eats single little cubes of lunch, and grows babies in a Mason jar in their front room.” You wrote in your column, “Men, especially, are compelled…

Join A CSA and Support A Farm

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By Terrah Baker It’s Food Insecurity Awareness month, and to celebrate Jesse Napolitano and his family are spreading awareness of their newly created independent CSA — Community Supported Agriculture. Making a full-time job of farming isn’t easy, and takes community support, which is exactly what a CSA can offer Brannon Mountain Farm. Like other CSAs,…

British Novelist to Explore Arab Life at Reading

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By Ben S. Pollock Conway is only the latest stop for the peripatetic Englishman Garry Craig Powell, but he has been teaching creative writing at the University of Central Arkansas since 2004. He walks the talk, too — his novel Stoning the Devil was released in August by the British publisher Skylight Press. Powell will…