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Movies in the Obscure

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By Claire Ala Revenge, violence, loneliness and even incest consumes characters’ souls in the second installment of Chan Wook-Park’s Vengeance Trilogy, “Oldboy.” It is impossible to watch and not feel uncomfortable, but that’s part of the film’s allure. It’s a bizarre tale of humans deteriorating mentally and physically. Although “Oldboy” left me feeling disgusted, it…

Toys in the Attic Director Calls Fayetteville Home

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Staff Report Toys in the Attic, with voice actors like Forest Whitaker and Joan Cusack, has received wild acclaim for its creativity with stop-action cinematography among the characteristics to be admired. Vivian Schilling is a resident of Fayetteville and served as director, producer and screenplay adapter of the film released Sept. 7 in theatres locally…

Car-Free Living: a Bumpy Road?

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Amanda Bancroft

By Amanda Bancroft After considering alternative forms of transportation, such as magic carpets and pixie dust, Ryan and I eventually settled on bicycling, walking, carpooling, riding the Ozark Regional Transit van and taking the free Razorback Transit bus. This isn’t as exciting as sprouting wings, but it’s certainly more realistic than wishing I were Aladdin….