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Movies In The Obscure

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By Claire Ala “Half the Sky: Turning Oppression Into Opportunity For Women Worldwide”  shows how men have been placed in positions of power while women are mistreated solely because they don’t have a Y chromosome. It’s a PBS documentary that provides an emotional, unforgettable experience of feminine struggle against injustice in third world countries. Only…

Top Secret: You Can Nullify The Drug War

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By Abel Tomlinson In civics class, we are taught that we have only three branches of government. However, there is a secret fourth branch of power that remains in the hands of ordinary citizens. The secret de facto right is called “jury nullification,” which allows jurors to veto unjust laws, and override congress, the president…

An Ode To Pink

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By Rachel Birdsell Ladies, do you ever feel discriminated against by having to use so many things that are obviously made for men? Well, I’m here to ease your frustration a little bit. I’ve researched some fabulous products that are made just for us, and I don’t mean the products that are in any special…

Making Ripples

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Amanda Bancroft

By Amanda Bancroft Admit it — at some point, you’ve fantasized about living in a sandcastle you made on the beach as a kid. Or maybe you created a snow fortress and huddled inside, pretending to survive the elements. Perhaps you dream of building a home that’s not only fantastical, but functional! There are many…