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jaberdean humperdink July 29, 2012 at 2:21 pm

As a non-smoking photographer, I disagree.

I myself would like The Free Weekly to stay as non-bias as possible. Hopefully, free of opinion on politics, religion and so forth. Next someone will be offended by leather shoes for animal rights and diamond earrings, as they could be blood diamonds from the Congo.

As a photographer, cigarettes help the photograph sometimes. It creates an attitude. Also, if dealing with a model who is struggling not to be stale or unnatural, it calms and relaxes.

Not fashionable can easily be argued. James Dean is probably one of fashions biggest icons and more than half of the photos have him smoking. Take the cigarette out and the photo loses its coolness or part of the rebellious persona.

All smokers stupid? Even musicians like yourself? Bill Monroe smoked and might I remind you, was incredibly fashionable.

Jaberdean Humperdink

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