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Advice Goddess

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  On Crowd Nine The man I’ve been in a long-term on-and-off relationship with has started seeing someone else. He’s cagey about the details, but what’s really bothering me is she has no clue I exist. I’m tempted to write her an anonymous note, telling her that I was here first, have been here a…

Weekly Horoscopes

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CAPRICORN: You curb yourself when self-righteousness floods your lower mind. You never want to disregard others’ opinions. However, you know there is great truth beyond opinions and you seek that truth everywhere – in everything and everyone. It’s quite hidden, yes? You have trained yourself to be honest, smoothing blunt edges of communication. You’re direct…

The Priorities of Outrage: Guns Before Butter

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By Jonathan Meador Since your social media feeds have likely been hijacked by gun-related missives from good-intentioned friends, family and other assorted nice (but unhinged) Facebook acquaintances in the wake of Friday’s horrific shooting in Newtown, Conn., it’s likely that you may have missed one of the biggest news stories in this waning year of…