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Oct. 23 to Nov. 21

ARIES: Your natural passionate love has experienced a few setbacks or separations, or a coldness has come over your relationships, which is best thought of as introducing practicality in relationships. Allow certainty to guide you so impulsiveness doesn’t prevail.
TAURUS: It’s important to have physical closeness at this time with someone, even a special pet. Venus watches over you, providing a sense of intelligent well-being. Without love you can droop a bit, feeling out of contact. Money should come your way. Look at art.
GEMINI: None of your friends or partners consider life with you boring. The purpose of your dual nature is to provide two realities to humanity, a sense of polarity, of this and that, so humanity can observe two sides of all issues.
CANCER: Tending and caring for the well-being of everyone is your task due to your extreme sensitivity toward humanity and the life process.
LEO: You’re able to captivate the hearts and minds of everyone, shower others with intense love while needing complete attention in return. In between these dramatic interludes, tend carefully to money and resources, saving for a later time of unusual need.
VIRGO: On the surface you seem quiet, poised, calm, collected and rather cool. Inside you’re a vessel of passion. Never criticize, never compare, always praise.
LIBRA: You love being with others. You love a crowd of humanity working together. You love beauty, recognizing it (or its potential) everywhere.
SCORPIO: Saturn will lessen the intensity of emotions. You’ll be less consumed by passions and more directed toward developing the mind. You’re increasing in balance and poise now.
SAGITTARIUS: Your extreme idealizations can sometimes create havoc with life’s realities filled with paradoxes and emotional vicissitudes. You see the potential for goodness in everyone. In relationships you believe all needs will be met. You gaze at the stars; you have faith and practice positive thinking.
CAPRICORN: Your true nature is artistic, imaginative and inventive. Often, being quiet and subdued as you traditionally are, others don’t recognize your true light. Over time this will change as the spotlight swings toward your accomplishments.
AQUARIUS: You will look at your work in the world and wonder at its connectivity with others. This connection with humanity is your life’s purpose. You know that “contact releases Love.” Often we find you alone in an endeavor you have created. Always you must have freedom of movement and of choice. Always you need friends around. Be very vigilant and alert with finances. Be responsible with them.
PISCES: You have empathy and compassion. Often you see the potential in others and feel it’s your responsibility to bring that potential forward. Sometimes you take lovers (or friends) who are “potentials.” After a time you become disappointed. You realized the potential, not the reality. You turn away. Your watery sign hovers around Neptune and Chiron. Anything held out to you dissolves. You stand alone. Here you grow.

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