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Oct. 23 to Nov. 21

ARIES: Are you pursing the arts of pleasure or romance? Is the thought of risk appealing? Do you sometimes feel like there’s not enough love in the world? You will change that.
TAURUS: You have become a mother lion, deeply protective of home, family, friends, relationships, life events. Much of what you do, feel and think is both instinctual and intuitive. You mind seeks our origins. Now you are to study water and art of dowsing.
GEMINI: Gemini is pre-eminently the sign of the messenger, and this sign produces many of the messengers of God as they appear down the ages … the revealers of new divine truths. Do you identify?
CANCER: You work harder than most, and can be slower than most. This isn’t a criticism. It acknowledges your careful methods, deliberate actions so what you create is of value. You are steady, constant, reliable and good.
LEO: A new energy has come over you. You’re active, more dynamic, responding quickly to situations. At times you may feel angry, quick to judge. Have the intentions to simply be direct, truthful and spontaneous.
VIRGO: Things are not easy at times. This is temporary. Your energy is hiding away with your courage. Past events and memories flood your mind. Deep down you are strong, able to work independently, and you believe in yourself.
LIBRA: Your purpose is to interact with many people in order to know (recognize) yourself. Your other purpose, also important, at this time is to help others, especially in groups (very special groups), learn their identity, as they articulate and achieve goals and discover cooperation. This year you are redesigning yourself.
SCORPIO: Unusual these days is the need you feel to succeed. And so, whatever you are doing, you work hard, climb the ladder, set goals, meet them, create boundaries and move ahead. Is there someone elderly or a father figure behind the scenes? Perhaps it’s a memory or a dream. You are very serious. You need respect. You also seek freedom. You are original. A paradox. Develop love.
SAGITTARIUS: Attempt to regard the ideas and opinions of others as valuable. They hold truths that your heart needs to assimilate. You need someone around who makes you laugh, someone with a sense of humor you understand. You need to laugh yourself out of the veils surrounding your life. These are natural veils. However, you’re tired of them. Find and watch the video of Alan Watts in Hollywood teaching the Laughing Meditation.
CAPRICORN: Great desires and/or aspiration are part of your being. When there isn’t enough of something we learn how to cherish it. What in your life do you feel there isn’t enough of? There’s a mantra we say each morning. You will like it. “Let reality govern my every thought and truth be the master of my life.” You understand this mantra. You allow nothing pretentious in your life. Plant and tend several Boswellia sacra trees.
AQUARIUS: Always you have needed a challenging partner, someone steadfast in their love, unafraid of conflict, equally aware politically and with the ability to practice the art of compromise. Actually you need to practice a bit more compromise, too. Are you able to understand others’ points of view? Make that important decision on the side of safety. Beware of swift flowing deep waters.
PISCES: Are you working yourself to exhaustion? Is most of your energy going into your work and are you sometimes impatient with others? Are you finding daily life events and communications difficult, at times incomprehensible? You work best independently or as a leader. You’re very skilled. An unusual time is ahead with new and different experiences. Be generous.

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