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Half a Million Arkansans are on Medicare, SSI

Stop! All you politicians. Be you in local towns, down in Little Rock, or out at Planet Washington D.C.
Read the headline.
Yes, there are 536,000 Arkansans on Social Security and Medicare in the state.
Wow. That’s a lot. A lot of voters.
And a lot of people who really care about the votes you are casting. If you don’t think so, keep on doing what you are doing. You will find out how unhappy these folks are in the coming months, weeks and days.


How many certified organic farms are there in Arkansas?
Humm. A good question.

More than Mississippi — that’s always a good guess. And that’s correct. Mississippians have only 23. South Carolina has only 18, Louisiana 15, and Alabama 8 — yeah, something that Alabama sucks in — organic farming.

Arkansas, for the record has 25. Other states around us with certified organic farms include Oklahoma with 66, Tennessee with 26, and Texas with a whopping 279.

Certified organic farms and the food we eat does matter. It really does. Look for the local organic growers at the area’s farmers’ markets — most of them are there. And remember, the farmers’ markets will soon be closing down. Hurry to them while you can.


This month, the UA’s “One Book, One Community” program featured author Colin Beavan and his book “No Impact Man.” Beavan decided to take matters into his own hands and not have a carbon footprint in New York City. His book will make you think. There is a public book signing at the UA today, and he is speaking to Fayetteville Book Clubs from noon to 2:30 p.m. Friday. Don’t miss it.


The average American uses 176 gallons of water a day — that’s right every day. Aren’t you glad for Beaver Lake and all the wonder of that water resource and the watersheds that protect it? You should be. Just this past week Daddy W. supported a joint cause of keeping old computers and TVs out of the water supply and the landfills by recycling some relics at the Arvest Ball Park in Springdale. More than 24 tractor trailer loads of e-waste were collected there. Good job.


Aldi’s Food Stores is building its second Fayetteville location on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard. It is across from Lowe’s and next to the old Quittin’ Time Bar locale.
One has to wonder how it will go. But a recent conversation overheard on the canned food aisle at the World’s Largest Retailer may speak for itself. A mom, pinching pennies, remarked out loud that Aldi’s has the same green beans for 20 cents less.
But don’t argue that at the check out counter without a printed ad to back you up. Aldi’s does some printed advertising, but not every week.


One disturbing item Daddy W. is watching is the state pension “droop” in other states. South Carolina, for example, is over $1 billion. Yes, that is with a “B” dollars out of sync with its anticipated pension income and outgo in the next five years.
Scary that some folks worked hard for a pension and might not be able to get it due to poor investment strategies and oversight. And in Arkansas we are all worked up about public officials retiring and then hiring themselves back on and drawing a pay check and retirement. Look for more changes in the upcoming Legislative Sessions.


Gypsy sales?  Humm did the City Code Fathers fall asleep last week. There was a three-day sale in the old Quittin’ Time building. Now it is closed and moved on. Was there a permit? Was sales tax collected? There were some new goods sold? Or has Fayetteville already embraced Herman Cain’s new 9-9-9 formula? Daddy wants to know.


Daddy Warbucks is a fictional character, who loves to poke fun at business, politics and stuff that others leave alone. A g-mail address for fan mail is coming, Dear Readers.
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