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Unique Duet Between Prose and Song

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By Clay Payne TFW Contributing Writer On a lazy Sunday afternoon, moments before the evening storm fell, patrons of Nightbird books on Dickson Street in Fayetteville caught an intimate concert/reading by folksy pop singer/songwriter and author David Berkeley. Berkeley has been touring the country to promote his fourth and most recent studio album — “Some…

Mike Manning: A Voice of Generations

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By Jason Rogers Contributing TFW Writer This weekend Arkansas was visited by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) national bus tour, “On the Road to Equality.” The HRC’s tour is designed “to spread the message of equality by educating the American public and empowering lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people to become advocates for themselves and…

5 Girls: One Cardigan

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Five Girls: One Cardigan Five fashionable females from the fabulous town of Fayetteville show us different ways to play up a gray, vintage “Ward Cleaver” cardigan. Something you may find in your grandpa’s closet, this cozy, comforting, thin outer layer is the perfect layering piece for fall. Yeah, it is still hot as Hades outside,…