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Free Cat Friday

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By Stephanie Conway
TFW Contributing Writer

Photo: Stephanie Conway

June 17 is Free Cat Friday at the Fayetteville Animal Shelter.

Thanks to a recent fundraiser at Panera Bread Co. that raised $868, the adoption fee has already been paid for any cat or kitten at the shelter that is adopted Friday. If you’ve been thinking about adding a furry feline companion to your home, now is the perfect time.

Older Adoptees

The shelter recently modified its adoption fee for older dogs and cats.

If a dog or cat is older than 5, the adoption fee is $30. If the dog or cat is older than 10, then the adoption fee is waived.

Also, there are many benefits to adopting an older dog. They are out of that chew-everything-in-sight, mischievous puppy phase, and many of them are already housebroken. Older dogs tend to be calmer and prefer to lounge around, whereas keeping up with a puppy takes lots of energy.

Older dogs and cats are the least likely to get adopted but sometimes the best to take home. This is a wonderful initiative to get the older pets adopted. I personally have a real soft spot for a gray muzzle. My little dog Daisy is about 15 years old and as spry as ever. Make no mistake about it, older dogs can learn new tricks.

And I believe rescued dogs and cats know on some level that you saved their life and they give you unconditional love and joy like no other. I hear time and time again “This is the best dog I’ve ever had” when someone describes their rescued pet.


Ron Townsend January 1, 2013 at 5:16 pm

We saw where your latest edition showed a cat, named “Blizzard”, has an adoption fee that had been paid. My wife and I were wondering how we could pay for yet another cat to be fee waived.
Please advise.

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