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Five Fashionable Fayettevillians

By Emily Smith
TFW Contributing Writer & Photographer

1. Erin King and Kurt Currie

It’s spring time (finally!) and surprise, surprise, Mother Nature still has Fayetteville’s finest covering up to bear the chill brought in March. A bit too premature to shed the outerwear just yet, I have been seeing jackets, scarves and boots left and right.
But fear not, if it’s true what they say about April showers bringing May flowers, our coats should be taking their place in the back of hall closets soon enough. Until then, take a few early spring tips from these stylishly warm locals.

1. Erin King and Kurt Currie, Fayetteville

This perfectly cute and quirky couple make a habit of looking fashionably in-sync without even trying. Freshly engaged with grandma’s vintage ring filled with new emeralds and a May date set for an evening Uncle Gaylord’s affair, Erin and Kurt, both in their mid-20s, are going low-key and eclectic. Picture mason jars filled with candles and lots of vintage touches, even Erin’s wedding dress!

2. Adam Cox, Fayetteville

2. Adam Cox, Fayetteville

As hard as it is not to cover up an amazing embroidered western shirt, Adam Cox, 26, knows to carry along a distressed leather jacket just in case the weather changes. Mr. Cox, a guitarist and vocalist with an appetite for skinny, dark jeans and pearl snaps, is the front man for local group Cletus Got Shot. And, just in case you can’t tell by Adam’s nifty ensemble, the band ALSO rocks pretty friggin’ hard.

3. Amelia Tedder, Fayetteville

Amelia, 33, is a nurse with oodles and oodles of fashion know-how. Never to be seen in an unflattering pair of white, orthopedic nurses shoes, Amelia instead turns to easy separates in deep hues paired with her precious-pixie, no-fuss haircut.

3. Amelia Tedder, Fayetteville

An outdoorsy kind of lady, this proud momma of two beautiful blondes also radiates a blissful, hippie vibe with her natural beauty and knack for looking utterly carefree this spring. I will be eager to see what Miss Tedder wears as summer nears; I am envisioning long, flowing skirts and flowers in her hair … simply lovely.

4. David Bingaman, Fayetteville

Being a busy student with two wheels doesn’t leave much time to concern yourself with fashion, especially if you’re a 22-year-old without a care in the world. Luckily for UA student David Bingaman, pulling together an awesome spring outfit is as easy as throwing on your Member’s Only jacket. Check. Graphic T-shirt. Check. Beat-up jeans. Check. Wicked kicks. Check. Now, try coordinating that outfit to your super sweet, turquoise and yellow, 1980s-vintage 10-speed bicycle. Go ahead, Fayetteville, I dare you.

4. David Bingaman, Fayetteville

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