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Wines from the Sky

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Many of the world’s best vineyards lie along the slopes of mountain chains and their foothills. From Germany’s Rhine and Mosel Valleys to Italy’s Alps and Apennines to the Mayacamas Mountains separating Napa Valley from Sonoma, to Oregon’s and Washington’s opposite sides of the Cascades, the drainage provided by sloping ground tends to yield smaller, more intensely-flavored grapes.

Fayetteville Flavor

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The Fayetteville 2011 Compilation Album will be unveiled at a show Saturday night at George’s Majestic Lounge. Jeff Kearney from local musical group The 1 oz. Jig came up with the compilation CD idea and was a driving force behind it’s creation. Jeff was kind enough to sit down for a coffee at Common Grounds to talk about the album and answer the Freekly’s goofy questions.

Cider Of The Week?

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I’m not sure how a hard cider got thrown in the Beer of the Week mix. Rico and I found it while sorting through the hundreds of bottles of company-purchased beer after a whirlwind trip to the liquor store. I was ready to throw them against the nearest wall just to watch them explode, but Rico said I should give it a chance so here it goes.