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BY GUSTAVO ARELLANO Dear Mexican: I’m thinking of moving to Mexico. I’m a first-generation mexicano. Speaking with my parents about moving, they’re absolutely against it, insisting that it’s violent and that I should be proud of being an American. I’m not looking to lose my American-ness, but just want to add some more mexicano to…

Packing A Punch

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The Punch Brothers defy all artistic categories except for “good music.”
Building on a matrix of acoustic bluegrass and pop, they merge folk lyricism, rock, jazz and classical. They collaborate with diverse distinguished artists such as Bela Fleck, Yo-Yo Ma, Joshua Bell, Mike Marshall and Edgar Meyer. Their TV/radio appearances include Leno, Letterman and Prairie Home Companion. An authentic string quintet, their virtuoso talent, prodigious energy, zest for innovation and a generous dollop of goofiness have led to national and international prominence and rave reviews, and of course, legions of devoted fans.