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ARIES: All of a sudden you become cautious, enter a phase of stability and endurance. You become older, meaning more responsible, accountable, serious and sober, dependable, trustworthy, reliable, sensible and mature. Consider the marriage vows.
TAURUS: Certain work and health issues arise. Their presence makes you more aware, conscientious and dutiful, knowing your responsibilities, never avoiding them. Serious and proper when it comes to health, you first tend to the animal kingdom, even when the tasks are almost overwhelming.
GEMINI: It is difficult to mentally relax in order to enjoy yourself so that pleasure can be experienced. Everything seems very serious for you, even romance. This is a situation that will pass but not for several years. Love and romance (and creativity) are serious business. If children are involved, tending to them may feel difficult.
CANCER: Are you feeling completely responsible for family, supporting them through unknown and unexpected situations? Are you tending to everyone’s security, being conservative with money, providing for the future to insure security for everyone? Are you getting enough sleep, exercise, correct food, nurturing and privacy?
LEO: Increasingly you become practical and disciplined in areas previously not considered practical or even interesting. While change appears in your thinking, don’t allow feelings of inadequacy. Listen to your speech. It slows down, becomes considerably useful and substantial, cautious, legal and truthful.
VIRGO: Although you seem to want change, what’s most important now and for several years is security. You have worked hard to obtain this, accumulated hours of service, are practical when it comes to financial, home, relationship and work security. It’s important to recognize your achievements.
LIBRA: In the next several years your personal identity, how you see yourself, expands, deepens, matures and changes. At first there may be disorientation, not knowing who you are anymore. You’ll seek ways to be more confident amidst discouragement, signs that something’s undergoing transformation. People may think you’re too serious.
SCORPIO: Sometimes a universal life action word emerges when pondering upon the signs for the week and the words emerging for you were reflection and contemplation, reflecting upon the meaning of your life at present and what it meant beforehand. Cycles are ending in your life, and new structures will be introduced.
SAGITTARIUS: Look for a scrutiny occurring within. Questions such as what are your morals, ethics, what is your faith in? These are asked when electing a Pope. It’s valuable to ask these of yourself at this time, along with the quality of your associations, circle of friends, networks and groups. You seek a deep and close friendship. What you are also “seeks” you.
CAPRICORN: It’s good to learn things about yourself so you can constantly improve. Review what you’ve been building, how hard you’ve been working and the many duties assumed, and perhaps there’s now a time of slowing down in the world because you need rest and something at home needs tending. A radical approach is best.
AQUARIUS: There are the questions “what am I doing, what am I going toward, what is my future, what are my needs, how do I have clarity, what are my belief systems, what do I stand for, what is my personal philosophy, where is my adventure and have I any confidence left amidst all these questions?” It would be good to answer each one, in order to create and define a pathway that you are to travel upon.

PISCES: You’re especially sensitive at this time as life, world, professional, personal and financial responsibilities press upon you. Many things are coming and going now, including you. The key word to understanding your life is adaptability — a deeply spiritual term. We are now to learn adaptability to bring about a deeper spiritual order of things.

▲ Risa is founder and director of the Esoteric & Astrological Studies & Research Institute.  risagoodwill@gmail.com

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