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The Kruth Talks
By Amber Kruth

Fayetteville History

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Pulaski County Circuit Judge Chris Piazza made national headlines by ruling that the ban allowing an unmarried person to adopt was unconstitutional. His grounds included violation of right to privacy. In a two-page report, Judge Piazza declared Act 1, as the citizen-initiated state statute is titled, as a forced coercion “to choose between becoming a parent and having any meaningful type of intimate relationship outside of marriage.” In response to the ruling, Arkansas Department of Human Services employees were instructed to accept applications for foster parents that were unwed, although the ruling could be overturned before any adoptive process is complete. Attorney General Dustin McDaniel responded that he would appeal to the state Supreme Court.


Spring has sprung and it’s time to get outside and have some fun! Here’s an outdoor activity you may not have thought of — the shooting range. Hobbs State Park-Conservation Area has the only outdoor shooting range in Arkansas with a bullet trap to catch fired rounds. This not only contains the ammunition, but also prevents the lead from seeping into the environment. The shooting range will be closed until May 5 for improvements.

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Curtis Neeley May 10, 2010 at 4:14 pm

“the ban allowing an unmarried person to adopt was unconstitutional”
The Judge banned the adoptions or banned not allowing them?
In the short post, it was confusing but I think children are as likely to have a divorced parent who abuses them as a married parent who beats them. It is absolutely no different to adopt while not married. They will loose because it violates Due Process to allow married people to adopt and not others.

Truth is that it is an attempt to allow homosexuals to adopt. The adoption evaluation should otherwise prohibit that as a “damaging” lifestyle influence and not by blocking the application. Those wishing to “discriminate” against gays or preventing them from adopting must find another way. A single person with absolutely no other partner has the same fundamental rights as a divorcee.

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