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Good Dog

Dog hears the grilled cheese restaurant Hammontree’s is movin’ to the old Gullet’s Gourmet space on West Avenue. That space has eaten the lunch of many o’ restaurants, but Dog thinks this one can make a go of it. Tasty grilled cheese.

• • •

That Dr. Harrison. TV’s 40/29 did a lil’ segment on the abortion provider who’s been deluged with right-to-life picketers outside his office. The doc apparently responded to the picketers in an e-mail sayin’ come on down. Said he appreciated their efforts, because it increases his visibility and since he doesn’t advertise, it was good for his businesses as a lot of folks are movin’ into NWA and don’t know about him. Good Dog to Dr. H.

• • •

Dog has started planning his European vacation now that the dollar’s up and the Euro’s down. Dog hears it has something to do with grease, but he can’t figure that one out. Dog does like grease on that dry dog food, though.

Bad Dog

Who did dat? Last Thursday someone at the Wash Co courthouse decided to take the computers down at 2:30 and upload the ‘09 records. That was the very day that delinquent taxpayers had to pay their real estate taxes or see their land holdin’s go to the state land commissioner for public sale. This meant … well you know what it meant … it was a cluster. The workers were nice, but dang, couldn’t they have let the computer go down after hours?

• • •

Dog himself had a run in with a computer the other night. He rushed out to buy Powerball tix, but low and behold, found out that those lottery computers are supposed to go down an hour or so before the drawing. Pshaw on that. No big money for Dog last week.

• • •

No mo sliders goin’ down in NWA … sliders, you know those Krystal and White Castle burgers. Dog was so happy when Krystal opened up shop in Springdale, but boom, now they’re gone. Cut the logos right out of the awnings and closed the doors. Dog has seen those sliders in the freezer case at the grocery store, but who wants that?

• • •

Dog’s not a fan of big conglomerates, so he’s not too excited about multi-mall owner Simon’s take over attempt of the bankrupt multi-mall owner General Growth Properties, which counts NWA’s Pinnacle Hills Promenade in its holdin’s.

• • •

Speakin’ o’ bankrupt … um, um, um. More of NWA’s golden boys of yore are now lookin’ at foreclosures. Some of the developers who were playing with the city during the previous administration about land deals and park promises on the west side of town are now seein’ things fall apart. City needs to untangle itself from that pipedream. Dog’s wonderin’ if maybe those boys might even owe the city a little scratch.

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