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The Southern Hemisphere

Now that the new year is in full swing, I’d like to extend a hearty “Welcome Aboard” to the many new readers. If you’re a new eWine reader, here’s a brief history.

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Tax Language

The primary election on May 18 will include a ballot question to adapt the language of Fayetteville’s 1 percent hotel-motel-restaurant tax legislation.


Another Story of Punk Rock in Fayetteville

“You can tell when the reality changes. Things look different.”


Some Buffalo River Caves Are Closed To Protect Bats

There are hundreds of caves in Arkansas and the Ozark region.

Family Friendly

I Need A Home

crumptious is a three-month old female kitten who has been at the shelter since Jan. 2.

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We Need Homes

When Fayetteville poet Brenda Moossy died last January, she left behind two older mixed-breed dogs


Film Lives, a personal look at the past decade

The director of the decade graced me with my personal interview of the decade.

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Cabin Fever Reliever

The Shiloh Museum’s second annual “Cabin Fever Reliever,” a celebration of the New Year, will be Saturday at the Springdale museum.

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Windows 7: So Far, So Good

I got my first Windows 7 computer Monday.