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Northwest Arkansas Music Awards

The 13th annual Northwest Arkansas Music Awards — NAMA 08 — will take place April 24 at the Dickson Theater. Nominees will be announced on April 3 and voting will begin on that day. More information to come. This will be the best year ever. Save the date!

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Raza Dishmay April 7, 2008 at 8:40 pm

Down in the great state of Arkansaw you have a rising star by the name of Joseph Israel.

I have seen him perform twice in the past six months and this young man puts a lot of energy into his show.

I believe one day after Hillary retires to write her memoirs while Bill keeps on lecturing, you will be looking to hear the latest soulful music from Joseph Israel and the Jerusalem Band.

They are plugged into some ascending spiritual vibrations that are connected to soulful revelations configured to be received by all nations in a peaceful and pleasant manner.

Meanwhile, may the Ane Sofe/Infinite Creator Bless and Annoint the good people of Fayetteville in a peaceful and pleasant manner.

P.S. Once you have internalized the blessings spread them around with a good heart.

P.S. Don’t worry!!!
The Creator’s Kindnesses are never ending !!!

Ahava Echad/One Love!!!

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