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Thursday, March 27
Arsaga’s Crossover – Jazz jam
Bayou – Trick Bag
Bordino’s – Andrew Sieff Group
Deja Vu – DJ Revellution
Electric Cowgirl – DJ Dayside
George’s – Split Lip Rayfield, My-Tea Kind
Green Door – New Redemption
Ice House – SoundChild Crew
Lou Lou’s Fish Shack – Mo Brothers
The OPO – Benjamin Del Shreve acoustic
Pesto Cafe – Kevin Bennoch
Tangerine – DJ Michael, Drag Show
Wet Pig BBQ – Eoff Brothers
Friday, March 28

Arsaga’s Crossover – Stacey Mackey
Arsaga’s Gregg – Grimwood, Joshua Hines
Bayou – Wes Hart Band
Billiard’s Palace – Cover of Darkness, Lil Hoojin
Deja Vu – DJ Revellution
George’s – Chubby Carrier, Bel Airs, Daril Brooks & Taken
Goodfolk – Walter Savage & Ben Harris
Green Door – HH Blues Band, Joe Giles & the Homewreckers
The Music Hall – Curbstomp, the radio sky, Apartment 5
The OPO – Family Dogs, The Drunkards, Well, Well, Well
The Perk – Open Mic
Tangerine – DJ Michael
Tony C’s Bar & Grill – Scott Smart
Tony C’s Italian Gardens – Ransom
Wet Pig BBQ – Furious George

Saturday, March 29

Arsaga’s Crossover – Mike Harrod
Bayou – Steppin’ Stones
Billiard’s Palace – Cover of Darkness, Isayah’s Allstars
Deja Vu – DJ MixxTenn
George’s – Donna Jean Godchaux & the Tricksters
Green Door – Sean Harrison
Jose’s Streetside – Bob Kramer Incident
Little O’Oprey – Live Jam
The Music Hall – The Autumn After, Apollos Creed, A Restless Tongue, Doomsday Fall
The OPO – Maud Crawford
Tangerine – DJ Michael
Tony C’s Bar & Grill – Shawn Frick
Tony C’s Italian Gardens – Ransom
Wet Pig BBQ – Pope County Bootleggers

Sunday, March 30

Billiard’s Palace – Karaoke
Common Grounds – DJ SoulFree, Jeff Fox
Copeland’s – Claudia Burson Trio
Dickson Theater – Drag show
Emelia’s Kitchen – Raja
George’s – Chilly Moon

Monday, March 31

Billiard’s Palace – Karaoke
The Perk – Acoustic jam
Pesto Cafe – Darren Ray
Rogers Rec Room – Pope County Bootleggers

Tuesday, April 1

Bayou – Blues jam
George’s – Yonder Mountain String Band
Green Door – Blues jam
Meaux Dad’s – Mo Brothers
Wednesday, April 2
George’s – Dropping Daylight, Saving Abel, Thanks For Nothing, Open Addiction, Bob Kramer Incident
Greenhouse Grille – Wildebees
Iron Horse Coffee House – Jazz
Jose’s Streetside – Karaoke
The Music Hall – A Heartwell Ending, School Boy Humor, Say No More
Ozark Mountain Smokehouse – Alan Castleberry

Thursday, April 3
Arsaga’s Crossover – Jazz Jam
Bayou – Wes Hart
Deja Vu – DJ Revellution
Electric Cowgirl – DJ Dayside
Ice House – SoundChild Crew
Noodles – Mo Brothers
Pesto Cafe – Kevin Bennoch
Tangerine – DJ Michael, Drag Show

The Bayou, 115 N. Dixieland Road, Rogers, 246-9337.
Billiard’s Palace, 3570 W. 6th St., Fayetteville, 521-7665.
Bordino’s, 310 W. Dickson, Fayetteville, 527-6795.
Deja Vu, 3404 S.E Macy Rd., Bentonville, 464-9677.
Dickson Theater, 227 W. Dickson St., Fayetteville, 575-0500.
Electric Cowgirl, 3570 W. 6th St., Fayetteville, 521-9453.
George’s, 519 W. Dickson St., Fayetteville, 442-4226.
Green Door, 1404 N. College Ave., Fayetteville, 575-0111.
Little O’Oprey, 271 S. Campbell St., West Fork, 839-2992.
The Music Hall, 2147 N. College Ave., Fayetteville, 251-7852.
The OPO at Urban Table, 1 W. Center St., Fayetteville. 935-4646.
Rogers Rec Room, 406 W. Dickson, Fayetteville, 442-9792.
Tangerine, 21 N. Block Ave., Fayetteville, 443-4600.

Arsaga’s Crossover, 1862 N. Crossover Road, Fayetteville, 527-0690.
Arsaga’s Gregg, 2418 N. Gregg Ave., Fayetteville, 444-6557.
Goodfolk, 229 N. Block St., Fayetteville, 521-1812.
Iron Horse Coffee House, 220 S. First St., Rogers, 631-9977.
The Perk, 3980 W. Wedington Drive, Fayetteville, 251-7375.

Common Grounds, 412 W. Dickson St., Fayetteville, 442-3515.
Copeland’s, 463 N. 46th, Rogers, 246-9455.
Emelia’s Kitchen, 309 W. Dickson St., Fayetteville, 527-9800.
Greenhouse Grille, 318 Archibald Yell, Fayetteville, 444-8909.
Ice House, 406 S.E. 5th St., Bentonville, 273-3833.
Jose’s Streetside, 324 W. Dickson, Fayetteville, 521-0194.
Lou Lou’s Fish Shack, 708 N. College Ave., Fayetteville, 443-1663.
Meaux Dad’s, 3467 N. Shiloh Dr., Fayetteville, 935-4096.
Noodles Italian Kitchen, 3748 N. Mall Ave., Fayetteville, 443-7100.
Ozark Mountain Smokehouse Deli, 215 W. Dickson St., Fayetteville, 442-2152.
Pesto Cafe, 1830 N. College Ave., Fayetteville, 582-3330.
Tony C’s Bar & Grill, 1313 Garland, Fayetteville, 521-8669.
Tony C’s Italian Gardens, 14528 AR Hwy. 12, Rogers, 925-3401.
Wet Pig BBQ, 989 S. Razorback Rd., Fayetteville, 718-0008.

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