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How does Fayetteville, Arkansas stack up against arch nemesis, Fayetteville, NC? Today is Marquis de Lafayette’s birthday. Being a Frenchman, Fayetteville’s namesake, American Revolution hero Marquis de Lafayette was known for “getting around,” and as such he has speckled America with numerous bastard cities that now carry his surname. Fayetteville, AL, Fayetteville, GA, Fayetteville, NY,…

Opinion: Doug Thompson

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Huckabee watch I wish I’d been as loud about my doubts of former Sen. Fred Thompson, R-Tenn., as I was about Sen. Barak Obama, D-Ill. I’d have more pundit bragging rights. Frankly, I never understood the buzz about Thompson. He was an ex-actor who had enough sense to walk away from Congress and therefore is…