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Are We Losing It? Trees and birds are disappearing and Arkansas is home to one of the 10 most endangered rivers– How far will we let it go?

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In chainsaw we trust: The disaster of defoliation in Fayetteville’s brave new world by Zan Jarvis Ah, Spring! The sound of the chainsaw is heard throughout the land! As Fayetteville explodes, the trees are suffering. Apparently we don’t  clearly realize that the suffering of the Standing People, as the  “primitive” original residents of this land…

Opinion: Doug Thompson

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Duke 3, Mob 0 By Doug Thompson Saturday’s disbarment of Mike Nifong, the Durham, N.C. prosecutor who wrongfully indicted the Duke University lacrosse players of raping a stripper, leaves a standing warning to news organizations everywhere. We’re not the only ones who sometimes don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story….