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Submit now in the Free Weekly’s Annual Literary Contest to compete for cash prizes. Pick up a copy of the Free Weekly for details. Deadline is January 12.   Take an online poll and tell us what you think about the Free Weekly at and be automatically entered to win gift certificates for up…

Wrap It Up- Goodbye 2006

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Wrap it up Goodbye 2006 By Maylon T. Rice The Big Story: Big Buildings, Big Parking Lots Any year-end story is laden with minute facts about the major news stories of the past year. Yet, as the past 365 days have trudged by, it was often not so much the “news,” but community controversy that…

Daddy Warbucks

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Daddy Warbucks What Daddy W. knows, doesn’t know for 2007 Columnists are often put in the role of forecasters, fortune tellers, seers and even as those with extra sensory powers. Well, your no nonsense Daddy Warbucks thinks it comes down to (1) what you know and (2) what you don’t know that really counts. So…