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Highlights For Dec. 21 Art The holiday season is a good time to enjoy the museums and galleries in NWA. Pull the kids away from the TV or Gameboy and introduce them to something different or go out alone and treat yourself. Most of the museums and galleries have free admission.

Doug Thompson

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Support the troops — with money By Doug Thompson Want to win in Iraq, or at least break even? Support the troops with a huge tax increase. The Iraq Study Group’s report doesn’t say that. It just outlines 79 different suggestions — mentioning without emphasizing that the package would cost a lot more money than…

Daddy Warbucks

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R.I.P. – To a grand gentleman Johnnie B. Hunt, the Mr. J.B. Hunt of the transportation company of the same name. A native of near Heber Springs, Ark., he will be missed for all the things he has done and his vision for NWA. And for all the many stories – like those of Sam…