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This week in the clubs


Thursday, Dec. 21
Goodfolk – Outside the Lines
Green Door – Gemini & Jamie Anawaty
Gypsy – Christopher Denny Band, Early Morning Bourbon Girls
Jammin’ Java – Open Bluegrass Jam
Pesto Café – Kevin Bennoch
Tangerine – DJ Scott
US Pizza – Tx Trumbo & Undivided CD release party

Friday, Dec. 22
Arsaga’s Crossover – Rich & Dave
Bayou – Feedback
George’s – My Tea Kind, Oreo Blue Trio
Goodfolk – Outside the Lines
Green Door – Scott Ellison
Gypsy – Eoff Brothers
Joe’s Bistro – Morgan Smith
The Perk – Open Mic
Tony C’s Italian Gardens – Lizird Munky

Saturday, Dec. 23
Arsaga’s Crossover – Old Dime Box
Bayou – Trick Bag
George’s – Ultra Suede
Green Door – Earl’s Garage
Gypsy – Christmas Party
Little O’Oprey – Live Jam
The Perk – Dave Stiles
Tanger  ine – DJ Scott
Tony C’s Italian Gardens – Lizird Munky

Sunday, Dec. 24
Copeland’s – Burson Starr Trio

Monday, Dec. 25
The Perk – Open Acoustic Jam

Tuesday, Dec. 26
George’s – Dave Stiles Birthday Jam
Green Door – Blues Night
Gypsy – Russ Hutchinson
Jammin’ Java – Open Celtic Jam

Wednesday, Dec. 27
Green Door – Dead Irish Blues
Gypsy – Haliburton

Thursday, Dec. 28
Green Door – Little Hoojin
Jammin’ Java – Open Bluegrass Jam
Pesto Café – Kevin Bennoch
Tangerine – DJ Scott

CLUBS: The Bayou, 115 N. Dixieland Rd., Rogers, 246-9337. George’s, 519 W. Dickson St., Fayetteville 442-4226. Green Door, 1404 N. College Ave., Fayetteville, 575-0111. Little O’Oprey, 271 S. Campbell St., West Fork, 839-2992. Tangerine, 21 N. Block Ave., Fayetteville, 443-4600.

COFFEEHOUSES: Arsaga’s Crossover, 1862 N. Crossover Rd., Fayetteville, 527-0690. Goodfolk, 229 N. Block St. Fayetteville 521-1812. Jammin’ Java, 21 W. Mountain St., Fayetteville, 443-2233. The Perk, 3980 W. Wedington Dr.1 Fayetteville 251-7375.

RESTAURANTS: Joe’s Bistro, 3061 N. College Ave., Fayetteville, 443-5637. Pesto Café, 1830 N. College Ave., Fayetteville 582-3330. Tony C’s Italian Gardens, 14528 AR Hwy. 12, Rogers, 925-3401. US Pizza, 202 W. Dickson, Fayetteville, 582-4808.

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